Aston Martin
V8 Saloon

Aston Martin V8 SALOON regular dealer car goods receipt did

1987 Type travel 53,000 km Vehicle inspection 28 December 4

Exterior color: Chichester Blue interior: Magnolia Connolly leather · Blue piping

This individual that becomes Series 5 will be a model that changed to 5340 cc as it is fuel supply system with fuel injection as it is. V8 SALOON, one of the seven cars imported by the Azabu car at that time, it will be three owners including Azabu car management collector. It is grasping the car history from the first owner to the present as being the actual running including the mileage.
This individual who has always kept running condition because it was not fitting in the collector that was left in the garage, we still keep the original condition.
* V8 SALOON right handle imported regularly will be only this one.

· Regular dealer car (Azabu car)
· Right handle
· V8 5340 cc injection
· 15 inch BBS made aluminum wheel
·Power window
· Walnut wood interior panel
· Leather Sheet (Magnolia Connolly Leather / Blue Piping)
· Original condition
· Spare key, instruction manual
· Inspection record book exists
1. April 2001, 28, 203 km time
2. Heisei era June, 29, 760 km time
3. March, Heisei 29 52, 222 km time
In case
52,222 km hour inspection item
· Engine oil change, brake oil change, tappet cover packing exchange (2), blowby hose exchange, air duct exchange (2), hose band exchange (10)
· AT oil pan packing exchange, ATF replacement, engine hood inchlerator replacement, fan shroud paint, air conditioner liquid tank exchange, engine oil cooler joint exchange

After-purchase after-maintenance etc. are also available at our company maintenance factory.

Auto loan interest rate 2.2% ~ Maximum 96 times remaining amount setting loan is also possible until payment
At our company we have our own maintenance factory so that you can ride with confidence for all customers who purchased.
We will also obtain parts that are hard to obtain as well as repair by our own route. Please contact us.

Maker:Aston Martin
Model year:1987
Mileage:53,000 km
Price:JPY 27.48 million