N. S. H. 1st RING 10K GOLD and Silver925 [NSR005]

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    "N.S.H" is a brand that incorporates various cultures and backgrounds without being bound by style, and carefully creates items that are not bound by the times, without being overly assertive despite their original design. With the five thoughts of "Imagination", "Soul", "Feeling", "Dream", and "Life", we started handling rings that were carefully made one by one in Japan. This is the 1st RING that was designed with the parawing badge of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division in the 1970s when the designer was born. The wing, which can be said to be a feature of this work, has the meaning of "fluttering the wearer in the future", and a positive message saying "I will go to seize the chances of the stars myself" On the back side of the ring, 5 stars are carved on each side and a total of 10 stars are placed. In addition, natural diamonds are used for the stars on the front to express "a bright future that incorporates brilliance in astringency and a soul that never fades." * The size can be adjusted by the customer, but if the adjustment is repeated frequently, it may crack due to metal fatigue. Please note that you should be careful when making adjustments. * People who are prone to allergic reactions may have symptoms such as inflammation.
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    Gold (10K) Silver 925 Partial use: Diamond
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    (1) Number of rings (2) Width The value that measured the width and width. (3) Top (vertical × horizontal) The measurement of the longest distance from the top to the bottom and the longest distance at both ends.


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