Dr. WATSON BIG HIT[FRA738] (Smoke Tube Rabbit Shop)

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    * This item may not be shipped by the country. When ordering, please check it yourself before purchasing. Dr.Watson's super easy and easy all -in -one VAPE PEN kit. It is an easy -to -use CBD star kit that does not require as much charge as it is opened, and the number of times of sucking is about 250 times, which is abundant. The 500mg broad spectrum contains 83%CBD, 15%CBG, and other natural terpens, so it is made on a PG base instead of MCT oil base that tends to be highly concentrated. It is a kit that is very easy to suck without the greasyness in your mouth. What is Dr.Watson. All machines that manufacture products use ISO -certified medical use, and CBD uses the one approved by GMP (appropriate manufacturing standards). How to take ️ 1 Please take out the main unit from 1 case. 2 Check the sucking mouth and inhale as it is. (There is no power button.) 3 Make sure to store the sucking steam in the lungs for about 10 seconds without spitting out immediately. It is important to store it firmly. Precautions It may discolor because it uses natural ingredients, but there is no problem with quality. Avoid using before or during driving, as you may be attacked by yawning or drowsiness. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Avoid hot and humid and store in a cool place where light, such as direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps, is not exposed to light. The natural ingredients contained may be discolored, but there is no problem with the quality. Do not apply a strong impact or pressure to the battery part. (It may cause failure.) This VAPE is disposable. Product Details Body type: AIO (all -in -one POD system) flavor: NATURAL (fragrance of sweet HEMP) ingredients: PG, CBD, CBG, Terpens * Nicotine 0mg. Nicotine is not included. * THC 0%. THC is not included. Contents: 0.8ml CBD content: 500mg CBD content: 50% Saving Method: Use Country of UK Country as soon as possible: MADE IN UK CBD (Kanavi -Eul) is an antioxidant effect and binding to the body of the body. A component that has been attracting attention for various purposes, such as supporting natural healing power, for various purposes. Unlike components such as tetrahidrokanavi nools (THC) and Kanabinol (CBN), there is no effect such as giving euphoria. Regarding the size (mm) outer box: 85 × width × width 20 body size height 85 mm × width 25 mm × 11 mm thick 。
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