ARITA WARE (Arita porcelain) Ashtray [FRA714]

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    In 1616, in Izumiyama, Arita Town, Saga Prefecture, a high-quality magnet was discovered and it was the first porcelain made in Japan. An ash plate made from the ever-loved "Arita porcelain". Of course, each piece is carefully hand-kneaded, molded, painted, etc. without compromise, and firing is done by baking in a kiln at a high temperature of 1,300 degrees Celsius for three days. It has a finish that also has solid strength. It is thin and lightweight, yet very durable and made of white stone, so the transparent color finish clearly expresses the charm of Arita porcelain. In addition to "Smoking kills" and "CAUTION", which are also one of the brand representative logos, the brand logo and icons are placed on the bottom and sides. It has a playful design like # FR2 with the word "No smoking" on the back, and it can be used not only as an ashtray but also as an accessory case, making it a great gift item. Regarding size (box size) Width: Approx. 17.8 cm Length: Approx. 11 cm Height: Approx. 4.5 cm
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