Fight over a rabbits Hoodie

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    Front prints logo with one point, and the back of a playful mascot with a # FR2 like a playful mascot with a backpoint. Of course it is an item with a solid presence when wearing a single piece, it is a item that can be used as an inner item as an inner item, and it can be used for long seasons.
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    Polyester 68% Cotton 32%
    Country of origin
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    サイズ Arm length 着丈 肩幅 身幅
    M 63.0 70.0 52.0 60.0
    L 64.0 73.0 55.0 63.0
    About size
    1 A value measured by straight line from the root of the longitudinal lap to the tip of the hem. ※ The height of the collar is excluded. 2 Values ​​measured by straight line as the width of the width left and right. 3 Shoulder width The value from the seam to the seam to the left and right shoulder. 4 The value from the lock to the cufflet from the locker. 5 Yuki behind the neck from the neck to the cuff. ※ Time of Raglan sleeve


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