Pigment Logo Hoodie[FRC1265]

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    One piece that dared to have a vintage feeling by subjecting the pygment processing to the base of orange which is also the color of the willow. Logo and icon patches are placed on the chest and sleeves, respectively. The material uses a soft and comfortable back hair material. It is an item with a simple design and high wearing power. FRP123And you can also enjoy it in the setup. ※ For the convenience of production, each point color taste and taste are different. Because it is not a defective product, we cannot accept correspondence such as return exchange. Please understand in advance. ※ Due to the characteristics of processing, there is a possibility that the color may shift to other clothing and touching places due to heat, friction, moisture (sweat, rainfall, etc.). Please be careful when using. ※ When washing, there is a possibility that other clothes will be colored, so please wash it alone by hand. * Use of chlorine-based and oxygen-based bleach, dryers, and wet cleaning are prohibited. ※ When drying, please wet and hang in the shade. * Please re-iron without steam up to the bottom temperature of 110°C. ※ When cleaning, please dry cleaning weakly with petroleum-based solvents.
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    100% cotton rib part: 95% cotton polyurethane 5%
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    サイズ Arm length 着丈 肩幅 身幅
    M 65.5 72.0 57.5 64.0
    L 67.5 74.0 59.0 65.5
    About size
    (1) The value measured in a straight line from the base of the collar to the tip of the hem. ※The height of the collar is excluded. (2) Width The value measured in a straight line on the left and right armpits. (3) Shoulder width The value from the seam to the seam of the left and right shoulders. (4) Sode length The value from the shoulder line to the cuffs. (5) Yuki The value from the back neckline to the cuffs. ※ Raglan sleeve at the time


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