HYPE-fi Cargo pants[FRP022]

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  • Product Details
    Cargo pants appeared from the "Hype-Fit" series, which is considered to make the leg line look more beautiful by squeezing from the normal tapered to the hem. It features a large pocket on both sides. Pis name with brand name is placed on the back pocket. Because it uses elastic materials, the wearing comfort is good. For International Customers here. Hype-fit Cargo pants. Material: Cotton 97% Polyurethane 3% Cow Leather Made in China We Will Nott Returns AND EXCHANGEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDEDESTUREMG AND EXCHANGEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDESEDEDE
    Item Number
    Cotton 97% polyurethane 3% part use: cowhide
    Country of origin
  • Size details
    サイズ Around the hem Around the thigh Waist Hip 股上 股下
    28 27.0 59.0 77.0 93.0 27.5 78.0
    30 28.0 61.0 80.0 96.0 28.0 78.0
    32 29.0 63.0 83.0 100.0 28.5 80.0
    34 30.0 64.0 86.0 103.0 29.0 82.0
    About size
    ① Close the waist button and zipper and align the upper end back and forth. It is twice the value of the two -sided width measurement value. (Pull a little tight, stretched and measured) ② A straight line between both ends passing through the hip zipper stopped. (3) The value from the top end of the waist to the crotch seam intersection part where the rise button and zipper closed. ④ Value from the stitch's seams to the hem along the seams on the side. ⑤ The value of the thigh buttons and the zipper are closed, and the measured values ​​from the crotch seam to the edge are doubled. ⑥ A value that double the measurement value of both ends of the hem around the slap.


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