Hypefit Super Stretch Denim [FRP011]

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    "Getting a camera" which is also a brand concept. Sneaker style assuming that your feet will move around. Hypefit Denim, which is perfect for such photographers, is finally here. This uses two colors of fabric, blue denim with a light color and black denim with a color fading process like gray, and by further fading after sewing, a more vintage-like texture and color contrast It is finished in a color that you can enjoy. On the left side is the "ID pocket (zip pocket with a large mouth and a pull tab)" which is a feature of this series. In the back pocket, turn on the brand name Pisname. The silhouette is tapered from the knee to the hem, and the squeeze from the knee to the bottom is strengthened to make the legs look beautiful when worn. Also, assuming the sneaker style that is the focus of this work, consideration is given to making the sneakers stand out more in coordination. Because it uses a soft stretch material while setting a tight size like skinny denim, it is easy to move and comfortable to wear. Also, as you wear it, you will become familiar with it, so you can wear it more stress-free. It is a brand-wide denim with the idea of ​​going out to the world with only a camera in your hand.
    Item Number
    98% cotton polyurethane 2% partial use: cowhide
    Country of origin
  • Size details
    サイズ Around the hem Around the thigh Waist Hip 股上 股下
    28 27.0 59.0 77.0 101.0 27.0 78.0
    30 28.0 61.0 80.0 103.0 27.5 78.0
    32 29.0 63.0 83.0 105.0 28.0 80.0
    34 30.0 64.0 86.0 109.0 28.5 82.0
    36 31.0 66.0 89.0 112.0 29.0 84.0
    About size
    (1) Close the waist button and fastener and align the top edge with the top. It is twice the value of the two-waki breadth reading.(Tough tightly) (Measuded slightly) (2) Double the line between the two ends of the line passing through the hipfasner. (3) The value from the top edge of the waist to the seam intersection of the waist button and the fastener on which the button and the fastener are closed. (4) The value from the sewing of the groin to the hem of the inner side along the seam. 5. The buttons and fasteners around them are closed, and the meter is doubled from the thinner eye to the end. (6) A value that doubled the meter reading at both ends of the sides of the sides.


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