SUPER LOVERS collaboration with #FR2梅 LOGO Ringer T-shirt[FRC1148]

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    With the concept of "From Tokyo with Love (with love from Tokyo)", it started in 1998, and a newly added concept of "unprecedented LOVE in the world" was added and restarted. LOVERS "and#FR2 plum collaborated. KEN & MERRY's merry, which is a familiar iconic character and a symbol of LOVERS HOUSE, appears as a rabbit with a collaboration specification, and a collaboration specification icon, and a SUPER LOVERS color that is not a#FR2 plum color. A total of 7 items that are full of charm, such as incorporating them. This is a solid presence that adds a casual atmosphere by arranging the logo throughout the back while putting a design that combines the collaboration specification and the logo on the front, and the hem is dared to cut off. One piece. Furthermore, the switching of the trim specification red is accented while summarizing the whole. The list of collaboration items isHere
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    100% cotton
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    サイズ Arm length 着丈 肩幅 身幅
    Free 17.0 40.0 37.0 38.0
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    (1) The value measured in a straight line from the base of the length collar to the hem tip. * Excludes the height of the collar. (2) A value measured by a straight line on the side of the width left and right. ③ Shoulder width left and right shoulder seams to seams. ④ Soda -length shoulder line to cuffs. ⑤ Yuki's value from the back collar to the cuffs. * At the time of raglan sleeve


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