SUPER LOVERS collaboration with #FR2梅 LOVERS HOUSE T-shirt[FRC1147]

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    The brand "SUPER LOVERS" and #FR2 Ume, which started in 1998 with the concept of "From Tokyo with love(=with love from Tokyo)" and relaunganed last year with the concept of "LOVE like never before in the world", collaborated. KEN & MERRY MERRY, which is a familiar iconic character and a symbol of LOVERS HOUSE, appears as a rabbit with collaboration specifications, collaboration specification icons, and #FR2梅のカラーではないSUPER LOVERS color red, etc., a total of 7 items full of charm are developed. This is a collaboration specification with rabbit MERRY on the front and a graphic with icons and logos printed on the back. In addition to the basic color of white and black, the color is also three colors of red, which is also the color of SUPER LOVERS. It is also a point that the icon is also a limited icon unique to collaboration. The list of collaboration items isHere
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    100% cotton
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    サイズ Arm length 着丈 肩幅 身幅
    FREE 20.0 69.0 46.0 52.0
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    (1) The value measured in a straight line from the base of the collar to the tip of the hem. ※The height of the collar is excluded. (2) Width The value measured in a straight line on the left and right armpits. (3) Shoulder width The value from the seam to the seam of the left and right shoulders. (4) Sode length The value from the shoulder line to the cuffs. (5) Yuki The value from the back neckline to the cuffs. ※ Raglan sleeve at the time


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