【C2110】FRA1060 Tyson Yoshi #FR2 exclusive figure by Popcorn Supply x Chino Lam

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    # FR2 HAS Partnered with Hong Kong-Based Rising Artist Chino Lam to Reimagign Hong Kong Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter Tyson Yoshi.
    Designed by Chino Lam, the figure not only follows the outline of Tyson Yoshi's hair colour and styling as the base of the design but also integrates # FR2's core identify of a photographer and fashion into the works of Chino, giving a unique comic style appearance and Strong Character to The Figure.
    Chino Lam's Jiro Fish and # fr2's iconic rabbit are Detachable.

    Outer package: 325 x 225 mm figure: Approximatly 280mm Tall

    # FR2 collaborated with New Artist CHINO LAM in Hong Kong appeared.
    Figures who have a popular wrapper singer songwriter Tyson Yoshihi motif in Hong Kong, Taiwan, a fogier with a camera and #FR2 apparel, and a removable chino lam icon Jiro, and # fr2 rabbit figeer It is attached to the foot part of

    外:: 325 x 225 x 100 mm Figuar Dimensions: Height about 280 mm
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