RICHILL collaboration with #FR2 Complete Set[FRA980]

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    This commodity cannot be sent abroad. Please understand in advance. You can't sell it to minors. CBD Bape, "richil" and "FR2" co-operation of Japan's first nantar nonniconichisser (Shuiyan) store as an original brand. In this cooperation, the design of host, box & Pendant and pod are all cooperation specifications. The package is also based on the yellow color of FR2. The logo of icon and logo of smoking kills when opening are a set of packages that can make people feel very exquisite. This is richall original device turned yellow, where the ก FR2 icon and the marking of smoking kicks are added. The case & pendant has completed the design of installing yellow pendant on the black case, which attracts the attention. In addition to pod's cooperative packaging design, the taste of energy drinks is also the focus. Of course, the inspection by the Japanese food analysis center also fully considered health problems, and the results showed that no harmful substances were detected. Please confirm the instruction and precautions before using the main body of content, shell & Pendant, pod and type C charging cable ※. The instruction manual can not be delivered separately. Please keep it in good care. Battery capacity such as function: the signal of charging is finished after the lamp flashes for 10 times with the capacity of 400mah green · · · · · · · · 30 ~ 60%, and the red lamp with less than 30% flashing for 10 times. Pod CBD Pod: 2ml a barrel (2ml) can absorb 500-600 Pav. Although there are great personal differences, it can be used 500-600 bar if you smoke like paper smoke. 1 barrel contains 200mg CBD. ※ No nicotine. Attention should be paid to the use of minors to prohibit pregnancy (the object age is over 20 years old). Please control the use of the baby during lactation. Please keep it where the children and pets can reach. Please don't swallow it.
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    POD内容成分 グリセリン プロピレングリコール 香料 CBD ケース:合成皮革
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