Smoking kills Denim Pants

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    Smoking Kills BOX logo tailored with denim fabric with a total pattern of denim pants. It is finished with Atari or a sense of vintage by performing a color furation over the whole way. It is a straight silhouette, an exquisite size feeling, and it is also possible to see it and looks like it's a smile. DesignJacket (FRJ085)orHat (fra963)And setup can also be enjoyed. ※ For convenience of production, one point color taste and texture are different. Also, the design may differ from the image. Correspondence such as returned goods can not be accepted because it is not bad. Please be aware in advance.
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    100% cotton
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    サイズ Around the hem Around the thigh Waist Hip 股上 股下
    30 41.0 65.4 85.0 111.0 26.0 74.0
    32 42.0 67.2 88.0 114.0 26.5 76.0
    34 43.0 69.0 91.0 118.0 27.0 78.0
    About size
    (1) Close the waist button and fastener and align the top edge with the top. It is twice the value of the two-waki breadth reading.(Tough tightly) (Measuded slightly) (2) Double the line between the two ends of the line passing through the hipfasner. (3) The value from the top edge of the waist to the seam intersection of the waist button and the fastener on which the button and the fastener are closed. (4) The value from the sewing of the groin to the hem of the inner side along the seam. 5. The buttons and fasteners around them are closed, and the meter is doubled from the thinner eye to the end. (6) A value that doubled the meter reading at both ends of the sides of the sides.


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