Smoking kills Denim Jacket

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    Smoking Kills BOX logo tailored with denim fabric with a total patterned Denim Jacket. It is finished with Atari or a sense of vintage by performing a color furation over the whole way. In addition, the functional surface is also positive by attaching the ball edge pocket to the waist. A slightly shoulder dropped and rounded silhouette and it is easy to wear. Situated from now on season, it is best as a light outer. DesignPants (FRP140)orHat (fra963)And setup can also be enjoyed. ※ For convenience of production, one point color taste and texture are different. Also, the design may differ from the image. Correspondence such as returned goods can not be accepted because it is not bad. Please be aware in advance.
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    100% cotton
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    サイズ Arm length 着丈 肩幅 身幅
    M 58.5 64.0 66.0 60.0
    L 60.0 65.0 67.0 61.5
    XL 61.5 66.0 68.0 63.0
    About size
    (1) Length The value measured in a straight line from the base center of the neck to the tip of the hem. ※The height of the collar is excluded. (2) Width The value measured in a straight line on the left and right armpits. (3) Shoulder width The value from the seam to the seam of the left and right shoulders. (4) Sode length The value from the shoulder line to the cuffs. (5) Yuki The value from the back neckline to the cuffs. ※ Raglan sleeve at the time


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