atmos × Reebok × #FR2 Club C 85[FRSH009]

  • 23.0cm
  • 23.5cm
  • 24.0cm
  • 24.5cm
  • 25.0cm
  • 25.5cm
  • 26.0cm
  • 26.5cm
  • 27.0cm
  • 27.5cm
  • 28.0cm
  • 28.5cm
  • 29.0cm
  • 29.5cm
  • 30.0cm
  • Product Details
    ATMOS and #FR2 based in Tokyo and Harajuku Tags a tag Summer Collection 2 to Collapse this Summer. This is the birth of the club champion named Names, which is originally a club champion, is now familiar with the name of the club champion in 1985, and is now popular CLUB C classic model. Upper is a simple design that is like CLUB C using high-grade natural leather, and the # FR2 logo is expressed in the heel part in embossing. In addition, a special logo that combines the logo unified to the insole and combining logos unique to the collection. Furthermore, while imaging rabbits with # FR2 icons, it is finished with white fur and cleanliness. Now is a customer who continues to be loved by not only tennis shoes but also daily use. ※ The box may be damaged at the time of delivery. Correspondence such as returned goods can not be accepted because it is not bad. Please be aware in advance.
    Item Number
    A: synthetic fiber natural leather bottom: rubber bottom
    Country of origin
  • Size details
    サイズ cm
    23.0cm 23.0
    23.5cm 23.5
    24.0cm 24.0
    24.5cm 24.5
    25.0cm 25.0
    25.5cm 25.5
    26.0cm 26.0
    26.5cm 26.5
    27.0cm 27.0
    27.5cm 27.5
    28.0cm 28.0
    28.5cm 28.5
    29.0cm 29.0
    29.5cm 29.5
    30.0cm 30.0
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    (1) Measured in centimeters.


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