Jam home made collaboration with FR2 neck strap card case [FRA 850]

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    A multi -case that can be carried around from the neck compact compactly when going out of IC cards, credit cards, point cards, etc. In addition to the solid making with genuine leather tailoring, a Japan quality item carefully produced in Japan one by one. In addition, color/beige uses nume leather and the appearance is not easily scratched because it is not surface processing with a natural color and texture, but it can be used for a long time by carefully care for it. The color changes to a deeper one due to the tanning, care oil, and the fat of the hand, and the fat content that contains leather is soaked in the table due to irritation such as sunlight, heat, and friction. By polishing this, you can enjoy a unique glossy gloss, and you can enjoy the aging that increases the taste as you enter the season. Regarding the size ... the length of the string: about 53cm
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