GALFY collaboration with # FR2 Jersey Setup [FRG011]

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    In the 1990s, a design incorporating the dog character "Lucian Fellowche" caused a big boom, and "GALFY" and # FR2, which were revived through Revival & Rebrand, and this time # FR2 Ume also collaborated at the same time! This is a TOPS and PANTS setup type. The tops have an outstanding presence no matter where you look, with playful embroidery everywhere, leopard patterns attached to both sides of the front zip, and an eye-catching design with a logo on the back neck. It has become. The pants are one with an embroidered patch on the right knee. A drawcord is attached to the hem, and it is also a point that you can change the silhouette by squeezing it and make it difficult for the wind to pass through on cold days. The waist is adjustable with a rubber strap. You can wear it stress-free because of the size setting that gives you plenty of space. Not only can you enjoy it as a setup, but you can also use it individually for coordination. About waist (adjustable with string) Approximately 72cm-90cm
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    100% polyester
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    サイズ Around the hem Arm length Around the thigh Waist 着丈 股上 股下 肩幅 身幅
    FREE 23.0 58.0 74.0 72.0 76.5 29.0 75.0 52.0 58.5
    About size
    (1) Length The value from the center of the back collar to the hem. ※The height of the collar is excluded. (2) Width The value measured in a straight line on the left and right armpits. (3) Shoulder width The value from the seam to the seam of the left and right shoulders. (4) Sode length The value from the shoulder line to the cuffs. (5) Yuki The value from the back neckline to the cuffs. * At the time of raglan sleeve (6) Close the waist button and fastener, align the upper end back and forth. It is twice the value of both side width measurement values. (Pull a little tightly, stretch and measure) (7) Twice the value that measured the straight line between both ends passing through the hip fastener stop. (8) The value from the upper end of the waist to the seam crossing part of the crotch with the crotch button and fastener closed. (9) Inseam The value from the seam of the crotch to the hem along the seam of the inner side. (10) Also around the button and fastener closed, the measurement value from the crotch seam part to the end is doubled. (11) The measurement value at both ends of the hem around the sleeve is doubled.


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