GALFY collaboration with #FR2 Blouson[FRJ071]

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    In the 1990s, "GALFY" and #FR2, which were revived through Revival & Rebrand, and #FR2 Plum also collaborated at the same time! This is a blouson with vertical stripe sewing. The logo is embroidered on the icon of the collaboration specification with #FR2 in a large size on the back, and the accent is added by embroidery on both sleeves. In addition, it is also a point that the front zip is an original zip. In addition, the lining is a leopard pattern, and the leopard that can be seen when wearing it at the open front attracts the eye. It is also possible to wear from inside with sizing that is one-size-a-size-a-size but also spacious, and because it also includes batting, it is the first place that can be active even on cold days.
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    Surface: Polyester 100% Lining: Polyester 100% Batting: Polyester 100%
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    サイズ Arm length 着丈 肩幅 身幅
    FREE 63.5 73.5 52.0 60.5
    About size
    (1) Length The value measured in a straight line from the base center of the neck to the tip of the hem. ※The height of the collar is excluded. (2) Width The value measured in a straight line on the left and right armpits. (3) Shoulder width The value from the seam to the seam of the left and right shoulders. (4) Sode length The value from the shoulder line to the cuffs. (5) Yuki The value from the back neckline to the cuffs. ※ Raglan sleeve at the time


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