PUNK DRUNKERS collaboration with #FR2 シャカシャカ Pants[FRP108]

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    A collaboration item between the brand "PUNK DRUNKERS" and # FR2, which started with the theme of "UNCOOL IS COOL." This is one with the original tape with the logo on both sides. The right waist is embroidered with both brand names in Chinese characters, while the left foot is also embroidered with an original icon unique to collaboration. The coloring is a subtle accent while ensuring breathability while attaching the lining of the ash.
    Item Number
    100% polyester
    Country of origin
  • Size details
    サイズ Around the hem Around the thigh Waist Hip 股上 股下
    masochist 46.0 67.0 70.0 110.0 32.0 66.0
    L 50.0 70.0 75.0 115.0 33.6 68.5
    XL 54.0 73.0 80.0 120.0 34.3 70.0
    About size
    (1) Close the waist button and fastener, and align the top edge back and forth. It is twice the value of both side width measurement values. (Pull a little tightly, stretch and measure) (2) Twice the value that measured the straight line between both ends passing through the hip fastener stop. (3) The value from the upper end of the waist to the seam crossing part of the crotch with the crotch button and fastener closed. (4) Inseam The value from the seam of the crotch to the hem along the seam of the inner side. (5) Also around the button and fastener closed, the measurement value from the crotch seam part to the end is doubled. (6) The measurement value at both ends of the hem around the sleeve is doubled.


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