PERMA MASK × #FR2 Smoking kills Ver[FRA741]

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    The term "PERMA MASK (a perm mask)" means that a Smoking agent logo was dropped onto the front as a "PERMA MASK" (or a mask mask). The function is not degraded even if the original thread is embedded in a fungus or a zinc nano with a high odorless effect, but also because it is an antibacterial function of 99.9 % sterilization and 99.9 % of UV blocs (UPF50 +) and items that are directly attached to the face, such as a good hitte material preparation, etc., in addition to the functional aspects of the facial function, such as the functional aspects of the facial function, and the practical aspect of the use of repeated washes, which is also a point of economic point. It is easy to cover up from the mouth of the mouth to the nose, and the small facial effect is also adjustable in addition to the texture, so that it is easy to carry out a zip-style package that can be easily carried in an item that is easy to use. The mask size (maximum value) approximately 24 × 12.5 (horizontal x) cm package size 15 × 20 (width x 20) * Please use the information in the cover when using the paper.
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    Body: Polyester 65% Cotton 35% Ear Strap: Nylon 80% Polyurethane 20%
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    (1) Value that measured the longest distance from the top to the bottom (2) The value that measured the horizontal width.


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