Fxxking Rabbits Dharma (Small)[FRA434]

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    "Daruma", which has been familiar as a good-cause since ancient years, appeared in the #FR2 specification. It is said that if you grow it every year, it will prosper, and when it grows, there is also a reincarnation that returns to the first mind by making it smaller again and makes it bigger So that you can choose the size according to the application this timeLargeInSmallProduced a daruma of three sizes. This is the small type design. Originally, alcause it is a red image with the meaning of amulet, it is also a brand color this time, and it is an original design that includes an auspicious yellow in the main color even in fortune, fortune, happiness, etc., and the expression of the daruma is also dropped based on Fxxking Rabbits. In addition, it is one of the points of commitment that was carefully produced so that the feelings of the person in hand can be fulfilled, such as a splendid beard drawn by the craftsman. Regarding the size (in the bag) Height: About 16.5 cm Width: About 13 cm Daruma body Height: 9.5 cm Width: 6 cm Depth: 8 cm
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