#FR2希望 activity report.

#FR2が国や地域を問わず天災等の社会的問題から難病治療等まで幅広く支援を行っていくプロジェクト summarized #FR2希望 activities of "#FR2希望".

SAVE AUSTRALIA(2020.01.14)
On Friday, March 27, 2020, we paid a donation to Austin red cross.
We provided assistance to Australia, which has been severely damaged by forest fires.

For ALS(2019.12.20)
February 2020 Serring FoundationI paid the donation.
Together with Koji Suzuki, who is working for a future without ALS, we helped with R&D expenses to find a treatment method for ALS (Designated Indicial Disease 2).

#FR2月桃では "HOPE Tee" in hopes of rebuilding Shuri Castle in The City of Shuri.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. And the #FR2 hopeful project will continue. We will also update our future activities from time to time.
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