A collaboration with a talent, model, YouTuber, and a book such as a book, etc.

In addition to the catch phrase of "I, breathe?" Also in addition to the catch phrase of the book of the book. In addition to items that use the lace with the message that we will lose the image that has been lived in the image that has been lived in the image of the impact, and the message that lives in the headband, including the item that has become more likely to live in the item, in addition to the product that used the leading orders A total of 6 types of clear bottle that can be active in Multi as a store limited item, April 24, 2021 (Saturday) Released at a # FR2 plum store.


On the 24th (Saturday) On the day of the day of the opening of 11:00 on the morning of 11 am!

※ There is also a possibility that the store will cancel depending on the situation of the spread of the new coronavirus. Please understand in advance.

※ Please be sure to wear a mask when you visit us on the day. If you can not wear it, you can not come to visit. Please be aware in advance.

※ If you are not good for your physical condition, please refrain from the past.









Below, Item Details

※ Online Store will be sold only T-shirts.





Products:FRC1386 T-SHIRT
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 7,700 (in Tax)


Only for sale in the following stores.

Clear Bottle


Products: Fra946 Clear Bottle
Color: Clear Black / Light Pink
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 3,300 (in Tax)


Sweat Set Up



Color: Black / Pink
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 16,500 (in Tax)


Long Sleeve T-SHIRT



Products: FRC1387 LongSleeve T-SHIRT
Color: White / Black
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 9,900 (In Tax)

BRA and Thong Set


Products: Fra927 BRA and Thong Set
Color: BLACK
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 9,900 (in Tax)


Products: FRA928 BOXER BRIEF
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 7,150 (in Tax)





Products: Fra929 Head Band
Color: White / Black / Pink
Size (CM): FREE
Price: 5,500 (in Tax)

■ Sales store
# FR2 plum
〒 150-0001 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya-ku, Kaimiya, Harajuku V1 Building 1st floor
TEL: 03-6455-5422
Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:00
※ It may be changed depending on the situation. Please note.

# Fr2 Online Store

■ Date and time of sale
# FR2 plum · · · April 24 (Saturday) It will be scheduled more. Please note that there is also a possibility of change.

# FR2 UME ONLINE STORE · · · April 24 (Sat) 00:00

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