December 23, 202 (Thu), opened in September # FR2 OSAKA, a store that is 5 stores in Japan is also a standard spot for Okinawa travel in Okinawa and opened in Mihama American Village, which also collects local people! !
Originally using the ruins of the US military base, completed in 2004, a single corner of a facility with an American-tasting shop, a single corner of an exotic facility, "Depoore Iland C Building 1F"!

Address: 〒904-0115 Chief Citani Citani Tomachi-cho, Okinawa Prefecture 9-1 Depoore Iland C Building 1F
Phone number: undecided
Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:00 (planned)

Please come and visit me when you come near!

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