# FR2 Sales Store "# FR2DOKO?" Starts as a new seller of # FR2 starts.
Mobile sales car dedicated to the whole region of the whole country appeared at the goddimi! Will you also appear in your city with limited products that can only be purchased there? !




In addition to the expansion of limited products, you can also purchase the Gacha Gacha and purchased. Sales of sample products of FR2 also appeared.
The gachagacha is 4,000 yen (tax included) to turn around once.

The content is "Excellent (Parker)", "AMAZING (Long Sleeve T-shirt or Pants)," THANKYOU (T-shirt OR Accessory) is divided into three types, and it is also a sense of exciting to be purchased until you turn it It is possible to enjoy, and one point is always hit, so please take a look at it when you see it!
※ Sample product is # Fr2doko? Original craft bag and will be handed over to our customers. Because it contains items randomly, the design and size can not be selected. Please be aware in advance.


In addition, as a new approach, you can view it in real time whether it is moving using the GPS application "Zenly" and where you are selling now. Please check this by all means.


# Fr2doko is looking for someone who can lend you a store, tenant, home, parking lot, free space, etc. in various parts of the country.
If you have an interested matterfr2doko@gmail.comWe are waiting for your email.

The information desk:fr2doko@gmail.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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